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Non-touch Soap Dispenser

How to keep yourself and family members out of germs and bacteria?




GENIESoap Non-touch Soap Dispensers solve the problem!


Tips of using Non-touch Soap Dispensers:

GENIE Soap non-touch Soap dispensers are designed with innovative infrared smart sensor built-in the gadgets. A utomat ic and complete ly touch-less operation , d ispensing a mounts  of the hands free soap dispensers can be set to customize your own need . No-drip design, LED indicator lights up while dispensing last. The electric soap dispensers are great for hand soaps, dish soaps and sanitizer gels which ensure users from germs and bacteria. Compact design fits nicely on countertops throughout the home , office, commercial buildings, halls, banquets, convention and exhibitions or even clinic. The automatic soap dispensers r un on 4 AAA batteries , simple and clean.


Your ultimate choice in Household soap dispenser

Ellestfun represent s Smart, Style and Smile. Ellestfun home products cover a line of intelligent, innovative, stylish and practical items like GENIECut Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser , GENIESoap Touch-less Soap Dispenser , GENIESoap+ Hands free soap dispensers & CUTIESoap Sensor Soap Dispensers . Hands free operation , sensor controlled, h ygiene & n o-touch Soap Dispensers . GENIESoap is a touch-less, hands-free, sensor activated liquid soap & sanitizer dispenser. GENIESoap + is a Hands free, motion activated electric liquid soap dispenser. CUTIESoapis a sensor controlled, automatic, touchfree soap dispenser. Besides desktop models, w all mount soap dispenser models also available, which are s pecially designed for clinic, c ommercial and industrial purposes?

GENIESoap Touch-less Soap Dispenser     

GENIESoap + Hands free soap dispensers

CUTIESoap Sensor Soap Dispensers 


Wide range of application

Besides soap, other liquids such as shampoo, hand lotions can also be used in these a utomatic soap dispensers . The touch-free design operates when a sensor detects motion under the nozzle, and dispenses the liquid. Automatic soap dispensers are becoming increasingly popular in public rooms ar ound the world .


Simple operation and refill

Refill of soap also very simple. Just open the cover and refill the liquid soap. Amount of soap to be dispensed can be adjusted according to your requirement. Simple and easy, no dip design. Enjoy germs free with the non-touch soap dispensers C an innovative series of Ellestfun GENIESoap. Ellestfun - Trademark of G&H Ind Ltd.


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